Increase The Number Of Bookings Without Increasing Your OTA Commission

A well prepared profile of your establishment‘s business card on the booking portals is an effective source of booking. Our proprietary OTA Booking Optimizer service helps in optimizing your business card based on the OTA Booking Algorithms. This will increase the position of your offer on the OTA list. In addition, you will be more attractive and therefore have a better conversion rate. The nett result is an increase in the number of page views with a better conversion rate. You get more bookings.

Strona główna bookingu

Lower Your OTA Booking Portal Commission Costs

Booking Optimizer is a service consisting of the assessment, advice and assistance in increasing your hotel‘s position on the (OTA) hotel booking service

  • We conduct an audit of the hotel website, consisting of a detailed assessment of over 120 elements that affect the perception of the facility from the perspective of a potential guest
  • We increase the scope of the offer on the (OTA) website without increasing the commission costs
  • We improve the presentation and attractiveness of your establishment on the portal (OTA) from a hotel marketing perspective
  • Our proprietary IT solutions make us a leader in the field of hotel positioning in the booking (OTA) search engines

Analysis Elements

  • 1. Announcements
  • 2. Photos
  • 3. Hotel Surroundings

We evaluate the offer in the search engine and compare it with the offers of the competition in your local area.

  • We check the attractiveness of the advertisement and compare it to your competition
  • We advise on how to distinguish a business card from the competition
  • We choose the best photos for booking sales
  • We advise if new photos are needed
  • We analyse the flexibility of the available offers

We check each photo available in the offer in detail and choose those that show the hotel in the best light. We analyse the photos in terms of:

  • Image - we show the best advantages of your hotel
  • Quality, focus and size
  • Validity of photos and their descriptions

We check and complete all the necessary information about the surrounding area of ​​the facility and the amenities:

  • We verify the selected facilities in terms of correctness and logic
  • Based on the selection list, we complete the missing amenities in the facility
  • We supplement the business card with the most important information about the functioning of the facility

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